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Sker Buffalo (Latin: Skerry bubalis) are kaiju-like creatures which appear in the 2017 fantasy-adventure movie Kong: Skull Island and its prequel comic Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


As their name might suggest, Sker Buffalo resemble buffalo, only much larger, with adults standing between eleven and fourteen feet in height, and sporting a set of triple-pronged curved horns which sprout from a large bony plate atop their head. They spend most of their time submerged in deep rivers and ponds, with only the tops of their heads and backs above the surface of the water. The natural camouflage provided by their shaggy hide is their primary protection against predators; this is in fact a symbiotic plant which looks like a great morass of pondweed when the Sker is submerged.

Sker Buffalo are known to be the prey of the subterranean monstrosities dubbed Skullcrawlers by Hank Marlow.


The product of divergent evolution on the isolated Skull Island deep in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, exactly how the Sker reached their great size is unknown, although as many of the creatures native to that strange land reach gargantuan proportions, it is reasonable to assume that some chemical compound exclusive to the island had a hand in it.


A Sker Buffalo was first encountered by a group of survivors from the disastrous MONARCH-led mission to explore Skull Island emerging from a swamp, and photojournalist Mason Weaver took a snap of it.

Later, Weaver came across another Sker outside the wall built by the Iwi tribesmen to keep out the Skullcrawlers which had been trapped beneath wreckage from one of the expeditions‘ downed helicopters, and attempted to free the beast. While Weaver was unable to move the debris, Kong arrived and released it, and the creature promptly wandered off, presumably to join the rest of its herd.