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- Creeper.

This article contains information regarding the creatures included as part of Monster Wiki's Minecraft project.

Minecraft Skeleton.png

Skeletons are undead hostile beings in the Minecraft Franchise.


Skeletons are undead beings that can be found almost anywhere most of the time welding a bow with many arrows and sometimes with armor. Skeletons obviously have no signs of organic tissue left on their bodies however will burn up in the daylight on contact. Skeletons are nothing but reanimated bones and will drop nothing but the weapons and armor they may hold or just bones and bone meal. Skeletons shoot with great accuracy most of the time and any player that is not careful can end up dying really quickly.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Bow and Arrows: Skeletons around 99% of the time will carry bows with any enchantment on them that aids them in combat. With the bow, skeletons have great accuracy hitting the player even from far distances, it would be best if the player uses a ranged weapon as a countermeasure.
  • Spider Jockey: If your world has a full moon currently, skeletons riding a giant spider have a very high chance of spawning. The spider jockey gives the skeleton extra speed, navigation, and attacks making it harder to kill. Any other moon phase means the spider riding skeleton has a very rare chance. Spider jockeys may spawn in the Nether but is rare to witness.
  • Armored Skeleton: Skeletons have a chance of often spawning with any armor type on, even some are fully armored. Armored Skeletons may even have enchanted armor with an enchanted bow which may be a nightmare for most players.


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