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An skeleton warrior

Skeletons are the supporting frames of the bodies of vertabrae animals. However, they are also a common type of monster in various forms of fiction. In most fiction, skeletons of dead creatures can be reanimated after a creature's death through the use of necromantic magic or by being possessed by souls of the deceased. The methods and reasons for reanimation often vary, but in a great many stories, reanimated skeletons will terrorize the living and even actively seek harm towards them.


Skeletons are a popular form of the physically manifested undead found in fiction, especially works of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Like the Grim Reaper, they are likely associated with death and decay. Unlike many adaptations of the common zombie archetype, skeletons generally lack meat and are made up of only animated bones and / or traces of muscles and ligaments. Animated skeletons, along with the Grim Reaper, have been used as personifications of death since the Middle Ages, a personification perhaps influenced by the Valley of Dry Bones in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel. Skeletons are represented as beings of evil or death during celebrations and holidays such as Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

Powers and abilities

  • Expertise in combat: Skeletons have combat experience as they use as weapons; swords, spears, axes, maces, etc.
  • Voluntary dismemberment: Skeletons can self-dismember at will.
  • Reconstructing their bodies: Skeletons can be rebuilt when knocked down.


  • The very fact that skeletons can disassemble so easily means that they could become crippled if they lose an important bone. The classification of just what an " important bone" is varies. A common choice is the skull, where stealing a skeleton's skull renders it blind, deaf, and… whatever not having the sense of smell is called. However, in other stories, skeletons manage just fine without their skulls. But it is likely that destroying any skeleton's leg bone(kneecap, femur,etc) will definitely cripple it.
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