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The Si-Te-Cah were a race of creatures which originated in Native American folklore.


Paiute oral tradition tells that the Si-Te-Cah were a tribe of red-haired cannibalistic giants which preyed upon the people of the Great Basin of the western United States.

Growing weary of the monsters predation, several of the local tribes united and declared war on the Si-Te-Cah, resulting in a long and bloody war. Finally gaining the upper hand, the tribes managed to chase the remaining giants into a cave near Lovelock, Nevada. The Si-Te-Cah refused to come out, so the alliance filled the cave’s entrance with dry wood and brush which they set fire to, wiping out what was left of their enemies.

Mining Discoveries

Many years later, in 1911, a pair of miners were excavating bat guano from Lovelock Cave for sale, when they allegedly found the mummified specimens of several Si-Te-Cah, although all of these bodies have since disappeared, leading to claims that they were in fact a hoax.

However, a later excavation in 1924 did turn up three human bones which had been split in order to extract bone marrow, lending credence to the fact that cannibalism was indeed practiced there at some point. Whether this was a product of the Si-Te-Cah or not is impossible to ascertain.