Ssssssss . . .
- Creeper.

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Shulkers are blocky humanoid creatures which appear in Mojang's Minecraft franchise.


Shulkers are humanoid monsters found only in the End and are very hostile towards the player. Shulkers sadly do not have the ability of teleportation but have the ability to stick to surfaces. Upon observing the Shulker, the player will see it as nothing but a purple box, but it is what is inside of the box you must be afraid of. Shulkers when they are nearby or attacking will create a gross vomiting noise while spitting projectiles that track the player. Shulkers will constantly poke in and out of their boxes until they are killed.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Shell Armor: Shulkers have a purple armored hull and will absorb all incoming damage, this makes the monster near invincible.
  • Projectile Vomit: A toxic fluid that protrudes from the shulker once the box opens.
  • Surface Sticking: Shulkers stick to surfaces to make player engagements more challenging.


  • Ranged Weapons: Weapons like bows, potions, or any other projectile will damage the Shulker.
  • Liquid in General: Shulkers like Enderman, hate water and lava, so they will either take damage or die with low health.


  • Shulkers will be seen only after the defeat of the Ender Dragon when searching for the material elytra through the portal that is created by its death.


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