Serapedes are insectoid creatures that appear in the Gears of War video game franchise. They resemble centipedes in that they have exceptionally long bodies divided into numerous segments. These monstrous fauna dwell in the Hollows beneath the surface of Sera and were often used as beasts of warfare by the Locust Horde.

The Serapedes encountered by the COG during the Locust War would reach up to 15 feet long with their bodies consisting of eleven segments including the head, though dialogue between characters would suggest that Serapedes are normally much shorter. The body of a Serapede is covered in black carapace that is as hard as steel, making it impossible to penetrate with conventional weapons. However, the glowing tip of its tail is vulnerable and shooting it will destroy the tail segment. The connective tissue between the Serapede's various abdomens forms a new tail bulb when a segment of the body is destroyed and the creature's body becomes shorter with each segment destroyed.

While the Serapede has a clear weak spot, it is a quick and wily creature that will immediately target whomever is attacking its tail. It will attack by spitting globs of acidic poison from a distance or attack close foes by discharging a jolt of electricity from its mandibles.

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