Seeders are large, eight-legged beasts that appear in the Gears of War series. These bizarre creatures fire Nemacyst spores out of a second mouth on their rear end. When the Locust Horde deployed Seeders onto the battlefield, they used these creatures as artillery and anti-air weapon emplacements.  They have also been known to jam radio transmissions with their very presence.

Seeders are perhaps the most bizarre creatures of the Locust Horde. Each of these living cannons are literally fed its own ammunition. The mouth on its front is the creature's anus. Locust Drones would feed Nemacysts to their Seeders via the mouth - the smaller orifice on the back of the body - which would work their way through and be expelled from the anus at high velocity.

The Locust use Seeders as a sort of living artillery cannon. They can launch Nemacysts as mortars at long range and also launch Nemacyst at close range to jam radio transmissions. When in battle, Seeders remain stationary with the vulnerable front end of their bodies under the ground and their armored rears exposed. Aiming is unnecessary as Nemacyst can seek out their targets once in the air. In some instances, a Seeder will pull its entire body out of the ground when injured or panicked.

Seeders are very hardy creatures and cannot be hurt by conventional weapons. Vehicle-mounted weapons such as rockets and cannons can be effective, but the orbital Hammer of Dawn laser is by far the best means of destroying these beasts.

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