The Second Generation were a group of three incredibly ancient vampires who were frequently referenced in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness setting.


Little is known for sure of these creatures, save for the fact that they were the first vampires created by Caine, hence their title the Second Generation, being one step removed from the First Vampire. According to the ancient writings contained in the Book of Nod they, along with Caine, established the City of Enoch, a place where Kindred and mortals lived side by side in harmony. Going against the wishes of their “father” however, the Second Generation created Childer of their own, and this proved to be their downfall. This new generation became discontented with their existence and rose up against their creators, leading to the Great Flood referenced in the bible, and the eventual destruction of the First City.

Whether the Second Generation were destroyed by their offspring or simply perished during the deluge is a matter of great discussion amongst Kindred scholars in modern nights.


The Book of Nod states that there were only three members of the Second Generation, and this is the most widely accepted version. These Kindred are listed below.

However, certain other obscure texts refer to several other Kindred as being of the Second Generation. The truth of the matter will likely never be known.


  • Several vampiric scholars have questioned whether the Second Generation is the correct term when referencing these beings. Common parlance holds that they were the first offspring of Caine, the First Vampire, hence their title. However, scholars argue that as Caine was the very first vampire, then his offspring would be the First Generation of Kindred, and as such every vampire sired since then should be able to - in lineage at least - claim a closer relationship to God.
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