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The Scissor Tail is a large mutated insect that appears in Resident Evil Outbreak. Based on its pincer-shaped tail, this creature was most likely an earwig that accidentally became infected with the T-virus. Two varieties of Scissor Tail have been encountered in Raccoon City during the 1998 incident, both of which are highly aggressive and deadly.


An irregular mutant that seems to be a mutated earwig, it uses its newfound abilities granted to it by the T-Virus to hunt prey and induce bleeding and in some cases, poisoning. There are two kinds of of Scissor Tail and both seem to have different capabilities. The brown Scissor Tail is the largest of the two types and will use its tail-pincers to inflict severe cuts on victims that will bleed profusely. The blue Scissor Tail, while slightly smaller, will not only inflict stab wounds upon victims but can also introduce a lethal poison into the victim's bloodstream.

Both types of Scissor Tails have mutated to the point where they have grown out of their wings. The wings, while present, are incapable of flight as they did not scale well with the Scissor Tail's mass increase and are seemingly vestigial now. When they feel threatened, they will burrow underground in an attempt to escape their attacker.

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