Saya is the main character of the film Blood: The Last Vampire. She appears to be a young human girl of Japanese origin, but throughout the film it is hinted that she is, in fact, a vampire, the last original vampire left in the world. It is also implied that she may be a dhampir, a human-vampire hybrid. However, her past remains largely unknown.

Throughout the films and light novels, Saya hunts down chiropterans: bat-like monsters that can take on human form and feed on human blood.


Saya is very much a lone wolf; she is cold and distances herself from those around her. While she hunts chiropterans and protects people from them, she holds most people in contempt, though it is not made entirely clear why.


Though related to vampires, Saya does not display any of the traits commonly associated with vampires. She does not have elongated fangs and does not consume human blood; she instead feeds on chiropterans. As far as supernatural abilities go, Saya does not age and may be biologically immortal. However, this seems to be her only vampiric power: she cannot fly or shape-shift and her strength and fighting ability seem to be the result of years of rigorous training rather than supernaturally inherent. Saya also does not share any of the common vampire weaknesses such as garlic or sunlight, though she expresses great disdain for religious symbols and hates when people talk about God in her presence.

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