Sans is a character that appears in the indie game Undertale. he is the brother of Papyrus, is very lazy and does not care much for capturing humans. He acts as a supporting character in the Neutral or Pacifist Routes and the final boss and the heroic antagonist of the Genocide route.


Sans is a pint-sized, big-boned skeleton wearing a light blue parka unzipped at all times, with a white t-shirt underneath, black shorts and pink slippers according to his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate costume.

He is seen with a grin on his face at all times and hardly moves the corners of his mouth. he has white pupils, which tend to disappear when he is serious. a bright flashing iris appears in his left eye during the fight against him.

Sans' height can be found from the end game credits. Sans is seen riding a tricycle, tricycle seats are usually a foot off the ground. Since Sans is twice the height of said tricycle seat, that makes Sans 2 feet tall.


  • Teleport: Sans can quickly travel using what he calls "shortcuts"
  • Gaster Blasters: Strange devices that resemble a skull, to shoot a kind of lazer beam.
  • KARMA: Karmic retribution acts like soul poison slowly draining the players HP away.
  • Soul Manipulation: Sans can manipulate the players soul making the player have gravity.
  • Telekinesis: Can move the players soul around the bullet board.
  • Bone Manipulation: Can manipulate multiple bones.
  • Aim Dodging: Sans can dodge the players attempt to try and attack him.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Sans can give gravity to the players soul.


Despite Sans being the most powerful boss in the entire game, he is quite lazy and tires out while in battle if he fights for a long period of time, he will tire out and fall asleep leaving the player to attack him.


Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)

Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)

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