Samuel Aboah was a character from the series 4 The X-Files episode Teliko.


Appearing as a regular black African man, Aboah was a suspected "Teliko," a form of nocturnal African wind spirit. Devoid of a pituitary gland, Aboah needed to consume the pituitaries of others to maintain his skin pigmentation, and possibly even to survive. To this end he employed a long metal instrument which he inserted into his victim's nostril to extract the organ. He stored this instrument in his throat.

In addition to the above, Samuel was capable of squeezing himself into holes and spaces which would have been impossible for a normal human.



After Aboah emigrated to the United States and was awaiting immigration papers, a rash of disappearances of African-American men, and the discovery of a single victim completely without skin pigmentation, has alerted the CDC to the possibility of a previously-unknown contagion in Philadelphia. After an investigation involving FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully, the discovery of a rare African passion fruit seed leads the pair to a naturalisation centre for newly arrived migrants, where the name of Samuel Aboah is found by cross-checking the names of those on a flight with a recently-discovered victim with a list of those seeking citizenship in the U.S.

Apprehended after running from the Agents, Scully finds no evidence of disease but wishes to examine him further. However, before she has a chance, Aboah escapes by concealing himself in the tiny drawer of a medical trolley.

Once free, Aboah contacts his social worker and kidnaps him, beginning the ritual to consume his pituitary gland. Before he can complete it, he is interrupted by a policeman, and Aboah flees. Tracking him to a local construction site and discovering the bodies of the kidnapping victims which have been drained of their melanin, Mulder is paralysed by Aboah, but Scully shoots him before he can do the same to her.

Later, Scully states that if Aboah lives long enough then he will stand trial, suggesting that without his diet of pituitary glands Samuel Aboah will not survive.       

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