SCP-682, also known as the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile, is an extremely dangerous Keter-class creature from The SCP Foundation. This creature is one of the few that the Foundation actually wants dead, simply because it wants to kill all life and is incredibly dangerous. The reason the creature gained its alias is that it can regenerate its entire form from the tiniest particle. So far, nothing has been able to kill it permanently. In fact, it is literally kept in an acid-filled cell as an attempt to slowly erode its skin. The creature is one of the most dangerous creatures in possession by the Foundation for both this and its hatred of all life unlike itself. The creature has managed to escape six times, with another seventeen failed escape attempts. In all six successful attempts, everyone the Foundation could get was sent after it.

In the game SCP - Containment Breach, SCP-682 can be heard thrashing through the building, and, in one of the game's endings, can be seen lashing out at a Foundation helicopter and knocking it out of the air.

SCP-682 in the game Six Eight Two: Hard to Destroy Reptile.

It also has its own game, simply called Six Eight Two: Hard to Destroy Reptile, in which the player is a Foundation personnel attempting to recontain SCP-682 in its cell.


  • Regeneration - SCP-682 has been able to bring itself back from death each time the Foundation has attempted to eliminate it. These attempts include bullets, acid, fire, bludgeons, a cutting-laser, and even other SCPs.
  • Hyper-intelligence, strength, speed, and reflexes - This changes with form, but always stays relatively high.
  • Rapid Adaptation - SCP-682 also has the ability to evolve and change its body as needed, usually as a counter to the Foundation's most recent attempt to kill or contain it. It can consume organic or inorganic materials to provide for the necessary mass and has been known to grow additional organs, change its size, and both resist and subvert other SCPs. This is also how it survives its acidic containment; it has literally adapted to it. However, the effects of these adaptations wear off soon after they become irrelevant to SCP-682's survival.
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