SCP-096, aka the "Shy Guy", is an Euclid-class humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height

SCP-096, as discovered during a blackout

with very little muscle mass. It is normally docile, mostly sitting in place sobbing bitterly. When somebody looks at its face, though, it will enter a state of rage for 1-2 minutes before running towards the person who saw it no matter how far away they are, even if said glimpse was from a video or picture (although artists's impressions thankfully don't have this effect). Despite its lack of muscle mass, it is capable of smashing through even tough materials as if they weren't even there at all & can take down an entire AWACS plane easily. It is also tough (if not invincible), as it barely flinched when it attacked retrieval team Zulu 9-A, which shot at it with multiple guns, even resorting to firing 600 .50 caliber bullets from a GAU-19. When it catches someone (which it is practically guaranteed to do since it can't be stopped whilst enraged), it will proceed to tear them to shreds, and devour the remains, which leaves zero solid traces of them.

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