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SCP-066, also known as Eric's Toy, has taken several different forms listed below:

Form-1: A ball of multiple color yarn.

Form-2: A small declawed and neutered calico kitten.

Form-3: A large mass of muscle with eyeballs which have been shown to move to track light.

SCP-066 is currently in form-3.


SCP-066 has not adapted the ability of manual travel but has been shown to be able to move its strips of muscle to nudge things away and occasionally grab hold of them. SCP-066 constantly says "Eric" in a deep voice. When presented to someone SCP-066 recognizes as "Eric" or who's name is Eric the subject will react in an exited and playful manor.


In containment effects have been shown to take place near SCP-066 which are listed below:

  • Notes being produced by SCP-066.
  • A high pitched squeak was produced by SCP-066 when D-4437 attempted to cut off a piece of SCP-066's thread. This lead to SCP-066 rolling away and questioning D-4437 if he was Eric. D-4437 replied that he was not Eric continuing with his given task. After success in removing the thread SCP-066 morphed into its present state.
  • A bee of not yet identified species flying out of containment and stinging D-4436.
  • Beethoven's Second Symphony being played at over 140 decibels.
  • A complete lack of light inside SCP-066's chamber that lasted for 5 hours. Personnel reported hearing heavy breathing.
  • A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a lit candle appeared on the floor of SCP-066's containment chamber. When personnel picked up the cupcake SCP-066 would play the notes of "Happy Birthday".

In Game

In the SCP Containment Breach game SCP-066 does nothing but role around and produce random notes, the phrase "Eric", and occasionally Beethoven's Second Symphony. SCP-066 can be found in the cafeteria.

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