Roy Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings from the Super Mario Bros. video game series. He has appeared in several games along with the other Koopalings as well as in the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoon shows, in which he is known as Bully Koopa. In the early games and TV shows, Roy was depicted as one of Bowser's children, but this concept was dropped following the introduction of Bowser Jr..


Like most of the Koopalings, Roy has tan skin with a cream-coloured belly and muzzle. His head is pink, he has two fangs jutting down from his upper lip and he sports a purple shell with pink rings around his spikes. He wears black studded cuffs on his forearms and his eyes are hidden behind a pair of sunglasses with magenta-coloured frames.


Roy is physically the strongest of the Koopalings, though he is arguably also the stupidest. He doesn't bother thinking things through, preferring to use brawn over brains in every situation. A bully and a thug, Roy tends to physically and verbally harass the soldiers of the Koopa Troop under his command. In spite of these brutish attributes, he also quite likes the colour pink and is fond of music, particularly rock & roll.


Roy is the strongest of the Koopalings and relies primarily on muscle in combat, crushing foes beneath his bulk and deflecting attacks with his hard shell. While he prefers to use brute strength, he has been known to use a magic wand to fire energy beams or even carry a Bill Blaster cannon and launch Bullet Bills at his enemies.

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