Rlim Shaikorth image
Rlim Shaikorth, also known as The White Worm, is a Great Old One which features in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


Appearing as a colossal worm with skin the colour of dead flesh, Rlim Shaikorth has a great maw which drips with saliva, and weeping, hollow eyes composed entirely of droplets of viscous blood. One of its avatars, known as The White Worm, travels the oceans of the world on a vast iceberg-city named Yikilth which it steers in search of prey. Once it finds a suitable target, be it a ship or an inhabited island, the White Worm then attacks with great blasts of icy energy, freezing its victims solid. Once frozen, it is impossible to thaw these poor souls, even by exposure to extreme heat, their bodies radiating an intense coldness for all time.


  • The Coming of the White Worm (1941), by Clark Ashton Smith.