revenant is a form of undead creature originating from European folklore. Supposedly, it is the spirit of a deceased human being that has returned to the mortal plane as a visible ghost or a vengeful spirit that has possessed a dead body, likely its own body.

Revenants are said to return to the living realm in order to take revenge on those who wronged them in their previous life. In a typical myth, only wicked or evil people tend to turn into revenants. Rarely, however, there were cases where a particularly strong willed individual had died before fulfilling an important task or a promise, and would return as a revenant to complete what was left unfinished.

Revenants have become a popular trend in various works of horror fiction as well as fantasy fiction and video games.

Examples of revenants


Video Games

  • Both Scorpion and Noob Saibot of the Mortal Kombat franchise qualify as revenants.
  • The horror movie character Jason from Friday the 13th qualifies as a revenant as well.
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