Redneck Gators
The Redneck Gators appeared in the SyFy Channel movie Alligator Alley, AKA Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators.


Redneck Gators were alligators who had been mutated by tainted moonshine spilt by some of the locals into their swamp habitat. The Gators were larger than regular alligators, had a reddish coloration, A spiked carapace, and were able to shoot spines from their tails.

While the original Gators were created by mutation from the toxic moonshine, any person whom they bit would slowly transform into a Redneck Gator themselves, retaining some traits and physical aspects of the person that they had been (for example, one Gator retained the gold tooth that he had possessed when human).

In addition, at least one of the Gators was able to remember his life as a human when he fought another Gator to protect the woman he had loved as a man. This gator later lived with the woman in her house on the bayou.