Ssssssss . . .
- Creeper.

This article contains information regarding the creatures included as part of Monster Wiki's Minecraft project.

Ravaged Minecraft.png

Ravagers are hostile monsters that were added as part of the Village and Pillage update.


Ravagers resemble gray villagers on all fours and horns. Ravagers also have iron shackles and collars on their necks and legs respectively. These were probably put their by the Illagers as an attempt to control them.


Ravagers spawn in village raids where they will aid Illagers on taking over the village. They may also be ridden by other Illagers. They are very dangerous and even a netherite sword cannot kill them fast. They will never attack Illagers, even if the Illagers accidentally hits them. They are relatively fast when trying to attack a target and can even destroy certain blocks like crops and leaves. They naturally attack players, villagers, and wandering traders, but will also attack any other mobs who accidentaly hits them, minus the Illagers.

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