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Randall "Randy" Boggs is the secondary antagonist of Monsters, Inc. and the supporting protagonist-turned- antagonist of Monsters University. He is Sulley's arch-nemesis, Mike's arch-rival, and former best friend and roommate.

Monsters, Inc.

In the first film, Randall is a Scarer at Monsters, Inc. and is in direct competition with Sulley to be the top Scarer in Monstropolis. So obsessed is he to surpass Sulley that he is willing to use whatever dirty tactics and tricks he feels are necessary. He later conspires with Henry Waternoose, the company's CEO, to harness the total energy of children's screams using a device of his own design, the Scream Extractor.

To test the Scream Extractor, Randall arranges for a young human girl to enter the monster world through her closet door. He makes it appear that Mike had forgotten to depower and remove the door from the factory floor, thus Mike and Sulley would be blamed should the girl be discovered.

Mike and Sulley are later exiled to the Himalayas, but Sulley escapes and destroys the Scream Extractor. Waternoose sends Randall after Sulley and Randall attempts to strangle him while invisible. At this time, Mike is trying to apologize to Sulley for an earlier argument, but gets annoyed when Sulley appears to be goofing around. Mikey throws a snowball at Sulley to get his attention, but the projectile hits the invisible Randall.

Randall then chases Sulley, Mike and Boo through the factory, but Boo and Sulley beat him up and throw him through a door leading to a swamp in the south, where a hillbilly family beats Randall senseless with a shovel, thinking he is an alligator. The door's light is shattered by Sulley and then tipped over the railing it was leaning against and shatters onto the floor far below, trapping Randall.

Monsters University

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In Monsters University, Randall started off as a timid and friendly monster. He was Mike Wazowski's best friend and roommate who seemed to look up to Mike, such as asking Mike if he will ever have the confidence that Mike has. Randall would later betray Mike by joining Roar Omega Roar, the popular fraternity at Monsters University instead of Mike's team, Oozma Kappa. It shows that he wanted to fit in with the popular crowd and would betray just about anyone to fit in.

Over time, Randall becomes more competitive and is even involved in a prank on Oozma Kappa. He develops a hatred for Sulley after losing to him in the Scare Games, vowing that he will not lose to him again.

In Monsters Inc., Randall is a sneaky and mean lizard-like monster who likes to brag about his top scaring. He would always get upset when Fungus annoyed him. He even threatened Fungus that if his door didn't go right on time in his station, he would kill him by putting him through the shredder.

Sometimes, Randall got into small disagreements with Mr. Waternoose, but still followed his orders if it meant being better than Sulley. He is shown to be considerably more evil and vindictive than Waternoose and Fungus.


Similar to a chameleon, Randall is capable of altering his skin pigmentation at will. This allows him to blend into his surroundings, essentially becoming invisible. Only Randall's body turns invisible, not any objects he is touching. During his university days, he wore glasses, but these would give him away if he turned invisible.


  • Randall's original names were Switt and Ned. He was named Ned in the early treatments and then Switt in the original opening.
  • Randall is the second Pixar villain to be physically fought, the first being Stinky Pete.
  • Randall is ranked #27 in the Top 30 Disney Villains.
  • He shares the same first name and many traits of Randall Weems from Recess. Both characters are sneaky, mean-spirited, and have the same posture.
  • For some reason, Randall is the only Scarer in the first film that is referred by his first name on the Scarers' Leaderboard rather than by his last name. This could imply that "Randall", at one point, was actually going to be his last name rather than his first name.
  • In Monsters University, it was once rumored that Randy is Randall's middle name. This is not true at all as Randy was simply his nickname in college.