Rakshasa are malevolent magical creatures that appear in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. They are loosely inspired by the Rakshasa of Hindu legend and were one of the earliest monsters to be introduced to the game.


Rakshasa are humanoid but they more closely resemble beasts such as tigers. Aside from their animalistic faces, their hands are regarded by humans as disturbing: a rakshasa's palms are located on the backs of the hands. They are highly intelligent and remarkably strong, though they prefer not to fight hand-to-hand. Rakshasa are powerful spirits that practice a wide variety of magicks and are also known to be capable of shapeshifting so that they can alter their appearance at will. They hold an affinity for the finer things in life and adorn themselves in human clothing of the most exquisite quality.

Lawful evil by nature, rakshasa are also solitary creatures and do not cooperate with each other often. These outsiders are driven by selfish ambitions and are normally found holding dominion over other beings. As spirits, rakshasa are virtually immortal. They produce a new generation every century to replace the rakshasas that have been slain in battle. No creatures prey on rakshasas except those who would avenge their victims.


  • Change Shape - Rakshasa can shapeshift at will, assuming any number of humanoid forms. It will revert to its natural form upon death.
  • Detect Thoughts - Rakshasa continuously sense the thoughts of others in their presence. While normally only picking up surface thoughts, they are capable of delving deeper into an opponent's mind with enough concentration.
  • Spells - Rakshasa can use the following spells: detect magic, mage hand, touch of fatigue, mage armour, magic missile, acid arrow, invisibility.

Rakshasa types

There are a number of different rakshasa sub-classes which are listed below.

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Rakshasas in Indian mythology, which have inspired this monster.

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