A pair of Rakk.

Rakk are flying creatures found in the game Borderlands. They are similar to bats, with leathery bodies and a lack of feathers. Instead of beaks, they have a flat, fleshy head ending with a pointed snout, with a brightly colored, bony plate on the top, and hooked barbs lining their slit-like mouth. Rakk do not have any lower limbs. Instead, they have a set of curved, razor-sharp talons upon a flexible tail that they use to attach themselves to rocky surfaces. Rakk are carnivorous and extremely agile, using their speed as an advantage against prey. However, a few shots from most guns can kill them. This makes shotguns very effective, as the multiple projectiles can kill a flock in one shot in close range.


Their are multiple variants of Rakk. The following table includes all variants.

Name Description
Rakk Basic Rakk, brown skin.
Feeder Rakk Rakk that are sent out to hunt for food, blue-white skin.
Bloated Rakk Rakk that are used to defend dormant hives only, green skin
Defender Rakk Basic Rakk used to defend an awakened hive, grey skin
Kamikaze Rakk Rakk suicide bombers, same use as Defenders, green skin with yellow markings
Badass Fire Rakk Fire-breathing Rakk, red skin.
Badass Shock Rakk Rakk that possess the ability to use lightning on their prey, blue skin.
Badass Corrosive Rakk Rakk that spit acid at prey, green skin
Skelerakk Undead Rakk, skinless
Rakk-Trap Rakk that have been fused with claptrap parts, giving them metallic wings and a red light in the middle of their face.
Rakkinishu Fire-breathing giant Rakk, lives on the outskirts of Pandora's Rust Commons, grey skinned.
Mothrakk Fire-breathing giant Rakk that terrorized Pandora's Arid Badlands, killed by the vault hunters. Brown skin, black wings with yellow markings.
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