Raichu is an Electric-type Pokémon and the evolved form of Pikachu. It possesses even greater electrical power, though its larger body makes it less nimble.

Pokédex Data

Raichu's body is covered in orange fur with a white belly, yellow cheeks and dark brown patches on its paws. Its most distinguishing feature is its long whip-like tail that ends in a lightning-bolt shaped tip. The tail serves as a ground to protect Raichu from its own electrical power which is capable of reaching over 100,000 volts.

Raichu are rarely encountered in the wild but they are known to reside in woodland areas along with Pikachu and Pichu. When these Pokémon gather in numbers, they generate massive amounts of electricity among them. If a Raichu is low on power, it will raise its tail to absorb whatever electrical energy lingers in the atmosphere. As Raichu gains power, its muscles tense up and its cheeks constantly crackle. Raichu can even glow in the dark.

Alolan Variant


The Alolan variant of Raichu differs significantly from its other-regional cousins. Its fur is largely tan-brown with creamy-white fur on its belly, hands and feet. It has bright blue eyes and rounded yellow ears. Its defining physical trait is its tail: the length is brown rather than black and the lightning-bolt shaped end is more curved.

In addition to its physical differences, the Alolan Raichu is also a dual-type Pokémon, being both an Electric and Psychic type. It builds up psychic energy in its tail which it uses to levitate, riding its own tail like a surfboard.


  • Thunderbolt - Raichu unleashes powerful blasts of lightning to fry opponents.
  • Body Slam - Raichu crashes down on its foe with its full weight.
  • Thunder - A burst of power from Raichu into the sky creates a devastating storm. This is the most powerful electrical move among Pokémon but lacks accuracy. If used during stormy conditions, it never misses.
  • Swagger - A taunting move that angers the enemy Pokémon and confuses them.
  • Psychic - The Alolan variant of Raichu can strike down opponents with telekinetic blasts.