Ra-Antef was a monster who appeared in the 1964 Hammer Horror movie The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb.


The son of an Egyptian Pharaoh over three thousand years ago, once dead Ra-Antef was mummified as was the custom amongst Egyptian royalty of the time. As such, he appeared as a dusty grey humanoid wrapped in rotting bandages who moved with a slow, lumbering gait and was possessed of an unnatural strength.


Ra-Antef had been an Egyptian prince in life, murdered by his brother Bey who knew that their father favoured Ra-Antef over him. His body was later mummified and sealed away in an opulent tomb.

Later, in the year 1900 whilst on an archaeological dig in the Valley of the Kings, a group of European scholars uncovered the tomb of the prince Ra-Antef and unwittingly awakened the curse of the mummy. Transporting the corpse and all of its funeral goods back to London to display in an exhibition, the scientists were unaware of what they had done until Ra-Antef began to pick them off one by one.

After Ra-Antef confronted his traitorous brother (who had somehow gained the gift of immortality), Ra-Antef killed his sibling before being crushed to final death in the city sewers, his reign of terror apparently over forever.