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"Ssserve the Queen..." - RAAM, Gears of War

RAAM is a ferocious Locust general in the Gears of War series. Formerly a simple Locust Drone soldier, he rose through the ranks of the Locust army thanks to his strategic thinking and ambitious drive. Fiercely loyal to Queen Myrrah, he personally led the Locust armies to their greatest victories during their war against humanity.


Military career

RAAM only spent one year as a Drone before proving his great strength, skill and intelligence, elevating him to the Theron Guard. During his time in the Guard. RAAM had quickly proved himself to be even stronger and smarter in the elite unit.  Within only a few short years he usurped the military leadership of the Locust Horde and successfully took control of the Locust military for himself. He brilliantly lead the Locust War against the Humans of Sera, and he led his troops personally on Emergence Day. RAAM developed a strategy of locating Gear leaders and eliminating them, in order to demoralize the remaining human forces and deprive them of leadership, a tactic which Queen Myrrah approved of. Somehow, RAAM learned the ability to control Kryll, vicious bat-like creatures native to the Hollows; his mastery over the creatures was quite disturbing, as he used them as a protective shield and as a form of attack. RAAM was also tasked by Myrrah to command the Locust when they were deployed on the battlefield.


RAAM's strategic insight and brutal tactics saw the Locust through to victory in many key engagements throughout the war; the fall of Ilima, the Ferro Bridge assault, he was responsible for each one and many others besides. During the COG's Lightmass Offensive, he was even able to corner and brutally kill Minh Young Kim, the commander of Delta Squad. However, Kim's successor Marcus Fenix proved that no Locust was invincible; when RAAM and his troops attempted to hijack the Tyro Pillar mag-lev train carrying the Lightmass Bomb, he personally engaged Delta Squad members Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in combat. Even armed with a Troika Heavy Machine Gun and protected by a swarm of Kryll and being backed up by Reavers, RAAM found himself unable to kill the cunning Deltas and was slain by them.

Abilities and weapons

  • Brute Strength - RAAM is the strongest of all known individual Locust.
  • Kryll Control - RAAM is capable of manipulating swarms of Kryll via unknown means, commanding them to shield him from attacks or to swarm and devour enemies.
  • Serrated Blade - RAAM wields an exotic dagger which he normally uses to decapitate or disembowel his foes.
  • Troika - While the Troika is normally a stationary weapon, RAAM is strong enough to lift one under his own power. Troika turrets are twin-barreled heavy machine guns that can swiftly mow down swathes of enemy troops.
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