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Q, also known as Quetzalcoatl or The Winged Serpent, was a creature which appeared in the 1982 fantasy-horror movie Q- The Winged Serpent.


Although described as a winged serpent, Q in fact resembled far more closely a dragon. Tan in colour, she had four limbs, a pair of great bat-like wings, and a beak similar to that of a bird on the end of a long, flexible neck.


In the middle of a series of bizarre and gruesome murders in New York, small-time criminal Jimmy Quinn decided to hide in the roof space beneath the needle of the Chrysler Building after a diamond heist went wrong. Discovering that some great creature had made its nest there and that the space was littered with dead bodies, Quinn quickly made his escape, keeping the information to himself.

After Quinn's criminal associates caught up with him looking for the diamonds which they believed he had stolen, Quinn took them to Q's lair in desperation, where the beast devoured the pair. Meanwhile, sightings of Q had been reported from across the Big Apple, with the monster claiming a new victim every day. In addition, with each person devoured, it appeared to grow larger.

Finally, in exchange for immunity from prosecution and a large sum of cash, Quinn decided to tell the police the location of the nest. SWAT teams and regular police ascended the tower and discovered the animal's egg, which they shot until no life remained within. Eventually, Q returned to its lair and was also killed by the police with massed machine-gun fire, although not before consuming several officers.

It was later revealed that Q had established a second nest within the Natural History Museum (probably provided by the Winged Serpent's insane "High Priest"), where another egg lay, waiting to hatch. 

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