Pumpkinhead, otherwise known as the Demon of Vengeance, is the primary antagonist in the Pumpkinhead franchise.


Towering over a normal person, Pumpkinhead is a gigantic humanoid with exceptionally long legs and arms which both end in lethal talons. An organic grey in colour, it's signature head resembles a human skull with a cranium which has been twisted to resemble a mutated pumpkin, or perhaps a brain. Pumpkinhead is hostile to nearly all of those who encounter him.



When Ed Harley's boy was killed by a group of vacationing dirt-bikers, he tracked down a witch named Haggis who was rumoured to be able to bring back the deceased. After discovering that she was unable to resurrect his dead child, Harley instead chose to summon the spirit of the demon Pumpkinhead to exact vengeance on his son's killers.

What Ed Harley had not realised was that Pumpkinhead would not only kill those responsible for the crime, but also anyone around them, and that summoning the demon would create a link to himself with it- he felt the pain of every life he took, and began to hate what he had brought to this world.

Realising that he had made a terrible error in judgement, Harley attempted to track down and kill Pumpkinhead before it could finish its task.

Finally tracking down the surviving dirt-bikers, who were in the process of being messily slaughtered by Pumpkinhead, Harley tried unsuccessfully to kill himself in order to destroy both the monster and himself; the last teenage survivor finished the job, whereupon Pumpkinhead burst into flames and was banished back to hell. For now . . .

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