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Priest is a minor character from Blade II. He is a purelood vampire and a member of the Bloodpack, a team of elite vampire warriors trained to hunt Blade, the number one enemy of the Vampire Nation.


In 2002, Priest did meet Blade, though not as an enemy. Blade had been invited by Eli Damaskinos to help hunt down the mutant vampire Jared Nomak who had been feeding on vampires and infecting them with the Reaper virus. Taking charge of the Bloodpack, Blade led them to the House of Pain in Prague where they went hunting for the Reapers.

Priest was the first to fall in battle against the Reapers. He confronted one of the creatures but was overwhelmed by its superior strength. The creature bit him, infecting him with the Reaper strain and Priest started turning minutes later. Priest's comrade Chupa shot him in the heart to put him out of his misery, but the silver bullets had no effect. Reinhardt then tried slashing off a portion of Priest's skull, but even this didn't kill him. Blade finally destroyed Priest after shooting through a thin wall and allowing a beam of sunlight to shine through. The beam engulfed Priest who then disintegrated into ash. The severed portion of Priest's head wasn't caught in the sunbeam and appeared to still be active, its one eye still shifting within the socket.

Abilities and weaknesses

Priest possesses all the same strengths common among vampires: superior strength, agility, reflexes and stamina as well as accelerated healing and stunted ageing. He also shares all the same weaknesses: allergies to garlic and silver, fatal intolerance for sunlight and needs to feed on human blood to survive.

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