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Pokémon (short for Pocket Monsters) are titular creatures that appear in the franchise of the same name. The franchise originated in Japan and has since become a worldwide phenomenon, branching out into all aspects of modern pop culture. Over the course of the franchise, there is a total of 807 species of Pokémon.

Pokémon: What are they?

Pokémon are shown to exist instead of animals in their world. While most Pokémon resemble animals and may behave like them, there are many that do not resemble animals at all; taking on other forms such as plants, inanimate objects, machines, human-like forms or other more enigmatic and exotic appearances. Pokémon inhabit an extremely diverse range of habitats, ranging from the driest deserts to the lushest jungles, the deepest oceans to the highest mountains and everything else in-between, even space and other dimensions. Pokémon take up various ways of living in those places. However, all can be befriended by humans and made into potential allies.

Many Pokémon are known to evolve from or into other Pokémon, a process that typically makes them larger and stronger, and could be seen as the equivalent to "growing up". Pokémon typically know several techniques that they can use in battle or elsewhere, either to defend themselves or their Trainer, or to perform a task. In the anime, most Pokémon are known only to say their name. In the games, each Pokémon has a distinct voice associated with each species. There are currently 806 known species of creatures that inhabit the Pokémon world, however, it is implied that there are more waiting to be discovered. Inherent to them are several fantastic powers not demonstrated by most real animals, such as the manipulation of electricity or fire.

Pokémon Types


Normal-types have no specific strengths, although many of them have greater health than other types. Their only real weakness is against Fighting-type moves which are super effective against them, also Normal attacks don't work on Ghost Pokémon. Ghost attacks also do not affect Normal-Type Pokémon, Normal-type Pokémon are also able to learn more TM moves than other types. Its Z-Move is Breakneck Blitz and its Max Move is Max Strike.


Fighting-type Pokémon possess extraordinary physical strength and are capable of performing moves similar to various human martial arts techniques. Their attacks are super effective against Normal, Rock and Ice types. Fighting-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Flying, Bug and Psychic attacks. Its Z-Move is All Out Pummeling and its Max Move is Max Knuckle.


Grass-type Pokémon all appear to be anthropomorphic plants and can normally be found in open fields and in forests. Many Grass-types produce spores that can be used in battle against other Pokémon and some can even harness the power of the sun as an attack. Grass Pokémon are strong against Water, Ground and Poison-types, but are weak against Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying and Poison-types. Its Z-Move is Bloom Doom and its Max Move is Max Overgrowth.


Fire-type Pokémon tend to dwell in hot areas such as the desert or inside volcanoes, though some such as Vulpix or Growlithe can be found in the countryside. Capable of breathing fire (and some being made of it), Fire-types are understandably very vulnerable to Water, Rock and Ground-type attacks. Fire-type attacks are super effective against Grass, Bug and Ice-type Pokémon. They also can't be burnt. Its Z-Move is Inferno Overdrive and its Max Move is Max Flare.


Water-type Pokémon are perhaps the most common and versatile Pokémon types around and can be found in the sea or any river and pond. Their attacks are highly effective against Fire, Rock and Ground-types, but they are vulnerable to Grass and Electric moves. Water-types are somewhat vulnerable to Ice attacks as well. While Ice attacks may not take off much HP, Water Pokémon are more vulnerable to freezing than other types, unless they have an Ice typing as Ice types can't be Frozen. Its Z-Move is Hydro Vortex and its Max Move is Max Geyser.


Ice-type Pokémon are fairly rare in the world and can normally only be found in frozen areas such as mountain-tops. Some ocean-dwelling Pokémon are both Water and Ice-type. They are vulnerable to Fire, Steel, Rock and Fighting but strong against Dragon, Ground, Grass and Flying. They also can not be Frozen. Its Z-Move is Subzero Slammer and its Max Move is Max Hailstorm.


Electric-type Pokémon are capable of generating extraordinary levels of electricity within their bodies. Electric-types have proven to be very helpful in human industries as they are often trained to serve as living power generators should standard sources of power fail for whatever reason. Electric attacks are extremely effective against Flying and Water-type Pokémon. However, these attacks are not very effective against Grass, Steel or itself, and have no effect at all against Ground-type Pokémon. They can't be Paralyzed by Electric type moves. Its Z-move is Gigavolt Havoc and its Max Move is Max Lighting.


Flying-types consists of virtually every kind of bird Pokémon currently known. These creatures can harness the power of the wind and can travel anywhere at great speeds. Unfortunately, their weaknesses outnumber their strengths. They are effective against Bug, Grass and even Fighting-types, but vulnerable to Electric, Rock, and Ice attacks. Flying-types are, however, immune to Ground-type attacks. Its Z-Move is Supersonic Sky Strike and its Max Move is Max Airstream.


Bug-type Pokémon are considered by many trainers to be weaker than all other types since they have so many vulnerabilities and are often quite small. However, many Bug-type Pokémon are dual-class and can use attacks of other types such as Grass, Dark and even Psychic. Most Bugs also evolve faster than other Pokémon. They are strong against Grass attacks, but vulnerable to Flying, Fire and Rock. Its Z-Move is Savage Spin-Out and its Max Move is Max Flutterby


Pokémon that can deliver harmful toxins when they attack. Most Poison-types can be found in caves and forests. They are strong against Fairy and Grass-types but extremely weak against Psychic and Ground attacks. They are also immune to being Poisoned. Its Z-Move is Acid Downpour and its Max Move is Max Ooze.


Rock-types can normally be found in caves and on mountains and are actually made of living stone. They boast great endurance to many other Pokémon types such as Normal, Fire, Flying, Bug and Poison. They are, however, very vulnerable towards Grass and Water attacks. Its Z-Move is Continental Crush and its Max Move is Max Rockfall.


As can be expected, most Ground-type Pokémon prefer to live underground and attack using the very terrain itself. Ground-type attacks are devastating to virtually all types of Pokémon except for Flying-types. Ground Pokémon are vulnerable to Water, Grass and Ice. They are also immune to being Paralyzed from Electric type attacks. Its Z-Move is Tectonic Rage and its Max Move is Max Quake.


Steel-types are physically stronger than all other Pokémon types. Incorporating metal into their bodies, they have significantly greater defence than other Pokémon. Steel attacks are super effective against Ice and Bug types, but Steel types are weak against Fire, Fighting and Ground attacks. They are also immune to being Poisoned. Its Z-Move is Corkscrew Clash and its Max Move is Max Steelspike.


Psychics are the most intelligent type of Pokémon and boast great attack power, but many suffer lower HP than other types. Since many Psychic Pokémon are telepathic, they are capable of communicating directly with humans, though few actually do. Psychic-types are vulnerable to Ghost, Dark and even Bug-type attacks and their attacks are super effective against Fighting and Poison-types. Its Z-Move is Shattered Psyche and its Max Move is Max Mindstorm.


Ghost-types are mysterious Pokémon that dwell on a different plane from our own. While their are specific varieties of Ghost-types, they are believed to take on favored forms and may not actually have what one might call a "true" form. They cannot be harmed at all by Normal or Fighting attacks and their attacks are only super effective against their own type and Psychics. Its Z-Move is Never Ending Nightmare and its Max Move is Max Phantasm.


Mysterious type of Pokémon that thrive in darkness and possess uncanny and even downright treacherous abilities. They are immune to Psychic attacks but vulnerable to Fighting and Bug types. Their own attacks work especially well against Psychics and Ghosts. Its Z-Move is Black Hole Eclipse and its Max Move is Max Darkness.


Perhaps the most powerful of all the different types of Pokémon . Their physical and special attacks all deal high levels of damage on Pokémon of any kind except for Steel, and Dragon-types are highly resistant to Water, Grass, Fire and Electric attacks. The only moves that are super effective against Dragons are their own moves, Fairy attacks and Ice attacks. Its Z-Move is Devastating Drake and its Max Move is Max Wyrmwind.


A new Pokémon type is discovered in the Kalos region. Since its discovery, several previously-discovered Pokémon have been recategorized under this type. Most of the Pokémon classed as Fairy types have gentle, benevolent natures and possess mysterious powers. It has been determined that Fairy types are strong against Bug, Fighting and Dark type attacks and are completely immune to Dragon type moves. They are vulnerable to Poison and Steel type moves. Its Z-Move is Twinkle Tackle and its Max Move is Max Starfall.

Exclusive Groups of Pokémon

Starter Pokémon

Starter Pokémon are given to new Trainers at the beginning of their Pokémon journeys. They are typically given by researchers or authorised representatives of a regional Pokémon League. Trainers have a choice of starting their journeys with a Grass, Fire, or Water-Type Pokémon. The exact species of Starter Pokémon differ in each region.

Fossil Pokémon

Over the centuries, a number of Pokémon species have gone extinct due to various causes. However, modern technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible to resurrect dead Pokémon species by extracting dormant DNA strands from fossilized remains. This has allowed scientists to restore and reintroduce certain species back into the ecosystem, though their populations remain extremely limited.

Legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon are a special group of Pokémon that are often related with legends of creation and/or destruction within their associated regions, and are very rare and powerful. Because of their power, Legendary Pokémon are often the target of criminal organizations that seek to control or change the world within both the anime and the games.

Mythical Pokémon

Mythical Pokémon are special group of Pokémon hat are rarely seen by anyone in the world of Pokémon. Some are so rarely seen that people are unsure if they really exist, spurring scientists to do research. No Mythical Pokémon can be found under normal circumstances; the only way to obtain them is for the player to participate in "Pokémon events" commonly hosted by Nintendo around the world. Until Generation V, they used be apart of Legendary Pokémon outside of the Japanese localization in several media.

Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts are a group of Pokémon native to a vastly different dimension to the world of franchise called the Ultra Space, causing them to develop as very strange, and often very strong. They were introduced in Generation VII.

List of Pokémon in National Pokédex

Pokédex No. Name Category Type Ability(s) Sprite
001 Bulbasaur Seed Pokémon Grass/Poison Overgrow
002 Ivysaur Seed Pokémon Grass/Poison Overgrow
003 Venusaur Seed Pokémon Grass/Poison Overgrow
004 Charmander Lizard Pokémon Fire Blaze
005 Charmeleon Flame Pokémon Fire Blaze
006 Charizard Flame Pokémon Fire/Flying Blaze
007 Squirtle Tiny Turtle Pokémon Water Torrent
008 Wartortle Turtle Pokémon Water Torrent
009 Blastoise Shellfish Pokémon Water Torrent
010 Caterpie Worm Pokemon Bug Shield Dust
011 Metapod Cocoon Pokemon Bug Shed Skin
012 Butterfree Butterfly Pokemon Bug/Flying Compound Eyes
013 Weedle Hairy Bug Pokemon Bug/Poison Shield Dust
014 Kakuna Cocoon Pokemon Bug/Poison Shed Skin
015 Beedrill Poison Bee Pokemon Bug/Poison Swarm
016 Pidgey Tiny Bird Pokemon Normal/Flying Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
017 Pidgeotto Bird Pokemon Normal/Flying Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
018 Pidgeot Bird Pokemon Normal/Flying Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
019 Rattata Mouse Pokemon Normal Run Away/Guts
020 Raticate Mouse Pokemon Normal Run Away/Guts
021 Spearow Tiny Bird Pokemon Normal/Flying Keen Eye
022 Fearow Beak Pokemon Normal/Flying Keen Eye
023 Ekans Snake Pokemon Poison Shed Skin/Intimidate
024 Arbok Cobra Pokemon Poison Shed Skin/ Intimidate
025 Pikachu Mouse Pokemon Electric Static
026 Raichu Mouse Pokemon Electric Static
027 Sandshrew Mouse Pokemon Ground Sand Veil
028 Sandslash Mouse Pokemon Ground Sand Veil
029 Nidoran ♀ Poison Pin Pokemon Poison Poison Point/Rivalry
030 Nidorina Poison Pin Pokemon Poison Poison Point/Rivalry
031 Nidoqueen Drill Pokemon Poison/Ground Poison Point/Rivalry
032 Nidoran ♂ Poison Pin Pokemon Poison Poison Point/Rivalry
033 Nidorino Poison Pin Pokemon Poison Poison Point/Rivalry
034 Nidoking Drill Pokemon Poison/Ground Poison Point/Rivalry
035 Clefairy Fairy Pokemon Fairy Cute Charm/Magic Guard
036 Clefable Fairy Pokemon Fairy Cute Charm/Magic Guard
037 Vulpix Fox Pokemon Fire Flash Fire
038 Ninetales Fox Pokemon Fire Flash Fire
039 Jigglypuff Balloon Pokemon Normal/Fairy Cute Charm/ Competitive
040 Wigglytuff Balloon Pokemon Normal/Fairy Cute Charm/Competitive
041 Zubat Bat Pokemon Flying/Poison Inner Focus
042 Golbat Bat Pokemon Flying/Poison Inner Focus
043 Oddish Weed Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
044 Gloom Weed Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
045 Vileplume Flower Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
046 Paras Mushroom Pokemon Bug/Grass Effect Spore/Dry Skin
047 Parasect Mushroom Pokemon Bug/Grass Effect Spore/Dry Skin
048 Venonat Insect Pokemon Bug/Poison Compound Eyes/Tilted Lens
049 Venomoth Poison Moth Bug/Poison Shield Dust/Tilted Lens
050 Diglett Mole Pokemon Ground Sand Veil/Arena Trap
051 Dugtrio Mole Pokemon Ground Sand Veil/Arena Trap
052 Meowth Scratch Cat Pokemon Normal Pickup/Technician
053 Persian Classy Cat Pokemon Normal Technician/Limber
054 Psyduck Duck Pokemon Water Damp/Cloud Nine
055 Golduck Duck Pokemon Water Damp/Cloud Nine
056 Mankey Pig Monkey Pokemon Fighting Vital Spirit/Anger Point
057 Primeape Pig Monkey Pokemon Fighting Vital Spirit/Anger Point
058 Growlithe Puppy Pokemon Fire Intimidate/Flash Fire
059 Arcanine Legendary Pokemon Fire Intimidate Flash Fire
060 Poliwag Tadpole Pokmeon Water Damp/Water Absorb
061 Poliwhirl Tadpole Pokemon Water Damp/Water Absorb
062 Poliwrath Tadpole Pokemon Water/Fighting Damp/Water Absorb
063 Abra Psi Pokemon Psychic Inner Focus/Synchronize
064 Kadabra Psi Pokemon Psychic Inner Focus/Synchronize
065 Alakazam Psi Pokemon Psychic Inner Focus/Synchronize
066 Machop Superpower Pokemon Fighting Guts/No Guard
067 Machoke Superpower Pokemon Fighting Guts/No Guard
068 Machamp Superpower Pokemon Fighting Guts/No Guard
069 Bellsprout Flower Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
070 Weepinbell Flycatcher Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
071 Victreebel Flycatcher Pokemon Grass/Poison Chlorophyll
072 Tentacool Jellyfish Pokémon Water/Poison
073 Tentacruel Jellyfish Pokémon Water/Poison
074 Geodude Rock Pokémon Rock
075 Graveler Rock Pokémon Rock
076 Golem Megaton Pokémon Rock/Ground
077 Ponyta Fire Horse Pokémon Fire
078 Rapidash Fire Horse Pokémon Fire
079 Slowpoke Dopey Pokémon Water/Psychic
080 Slowbro Hermit Crab Pokémon Water/Psychic
081 Magnemite Electric/Steel
082 Magneton Electric/Steel
083 Farfetch'd Normal/Flying
084 Doduo Normal/Flying
085 Dodrio Normal/Flying
086 Seel Water
087 Dewgong Water/Ice
088 Grimer Poison
089 Muk Poison
090 Shellder Water
091 Cloyster Water/Ice
092 Gastly Ghost/Poison
093 Haunter Ghost/Poison
094 Gengar Ghost/Poison
095 Onix Rock/Ground
096 Drowzee Psychic
097 Hypno Psychic
098 Krabby Water
099 Kingler Water
100 Voltorb Electric
101 Electrode Electric
102 Exeggcute Grass/Psychic
103 Exeggutor Grass/Psychic
104 Cubone Ground
105 Marowak Ground
106 Hitmonlee Fighting
107 Hitmonchan Fighting
108 Lickitung Normal
109 Koffing Poison
110 Weezing Poison
111 Rhyhorn Ground/Rock
112 Rhydon Ground/Rock
113 Chansey Normal
114 Tangela Grass
115 Kangaskhan Normal
116 Horsea Water
117 Seadra Water
118 Goldeen Water
119 Seaking Water
120 Staryu Water
121 Starmie Water/Psychic
122 Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy
123 Scyther Bug/Flying
124 Jynx Ice/Psychic
125 Electabuzz Electric
126 Magmar Fire
127 Pinsir Bug
128 Tauros Normal
129 Magikarp Water
130 Gyarados Water/Flying
131 Lapras Water/Ice
132 Ditto Normal
133 Eevee Normal
134 Vaporeon Water
135 Jolteon Electric
136 Flareon Fire
137 Porygon Normal
138 Omanyte Rock/Water
139 Omastar Rock/Water
140 Kabuto Rock/Water
141 Kabutops Rock/Water
142 Aerodactyl Rock/Flying
143 Snorlax Normal
144 Articuno Ice/Flying
145 Zapdos Electric/Flying
146 Moltres Fire/Flying
147 Dratini Dragon
148 Dragonair Dragon
149 Dragonite Dragon/Flying
150 Mewtwo Psychic