Planetars are a race of angels in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. As divine beings, they are predominantly lawful good and personify the virtues of nobility and justice. They serve as generals of celestial armies and have been known to appear before powerful mortals to lead them on heroic quests or to aid them in battle against demons and devils. While they understand the need for diplomacy, planetars prefer to settle situations with their swords.


The average planetar appears as a stunningly handsome humanoid with hairless blue or green skin and immaculately toned muscles. They stand at 9 feet tall on average and have white-feathered wings on their backs.


  • Immortality - As a celestial being, a planetar does not age or fall to illness, nor can it be felled by any mortal weapon.
  • Flight
  • Telepathy - Planetars can communicate telepathically with any creature.
  • Radiance - All of the planetar's melee attacks deal additional holy damage which is especially effective against evil-aligned creatures.
  • Divine Awareness - A planetar can always detect lies.
  • Invisibility - A planetar can render itself invisible at will.
  • Blade Barrier - A spell that conjures a wall of magical blades that can deflect attacks. Any creatures that are caught within the area of the barrier risk being ripped to shreds.
  • Dispel Evil and Good - If a planetar touches a creature being enchanted by a Fey or Undead, or any creature from beyond the Material Plane, this spell will break the enchantment and protect them from further attacks.
  • Dismissal - A spell cast upon the planetar's weapon that will allow it to banish any Outsider from the Material Plane, sending them back to whichever plane they came from.
  • Flame Strike - A spell that summons a vertical column of fire that incinerates any creature caught within it.
  • Raise Dead - A planetar can bring a recently deceased creature back to life, provided that the deceased's soul is willing to return and still has an intact body to return to. While the Raise Dead spell can heal wounds and remove poison, it cannot regenerate lost limbs or vital organs. If the body is missing organs vital to its survival, the spell will fail.
  • Control Weather - A planetar can magically manipulate the local weather, from generating fog to bringing about terrible thunderstorms or scorching heatwaves.
  • Insect Plague - A planetar can summon a plague of locusts to swarm the battlefield, hindering enemies' ability to fight and can cause significant damage over time.