Paras is a small dual-type Pokémon of the Bug and Grass types. Classified as the Mushroom Pokémon, it is easily recognized by the two mushrooms growing out of its back.

Pokédex Data

Paras is a small insectoid Pokémon with orange-coloured skin and six legs. Its front legs are larger than the others and it will use them to defend itself when threatened. Two small mushrooms called tochukaso grow on its back. This parasitic fungus has been a part of the Paras biology for an unknown length of time and saturates Paras eggs when they are laid by mother Parasect. Driven by the fungus they carry, Paras ceaselessly feed on nutrients drawn from trees which allows the fungus to grow. When it grows large enough, Paras evolves into Parasect. The tochukaso can be safely picked and removed from Paras' body at any time, though it will always grow back. The mushrooms have medicinal properties and are believed to help people and Pokémon live longer.


  • Scratch - A basic physical attack. Paras uses its forelegs to scratch and jab enemies.
  • Stun Spore - The mushrooms on Paras' back release paralytic spores that inhibit movement.
  • Leech Life - Paras sucks up a small amount of the opponent's health, gaining half the HP it takes.
  • Growth - The mushrooms on Paras' back grow and enhance its special attack stat.


Paras evolves into Parasect when the fungus it carries absorbs sufficient nutrients, growing to a much larger size. According to the mechanics of the Pokémon games, Paras evolves at Level 24.