RE2 Remake Pale Head

The Pale Head is a mutated zombie variant that appears in The Ghost Survivors DLC for Resident Evil 2 (2019). The circumstances behind this mutation are unknown, but according to a file found in the Runaway scenario, Umbrella have attempted to mass-produce these creatures as B.O.W.'s.


Pale Heads appear significantly more gruesome than standard zombies. They have white, hairless skin which appears molten, exposing their muscle tissue in various places. Their eyes have atrophied and their skin tissue has grown over the sockets, rendering them blind. However, they still have ears and a shriveled nose, so they detect prey by sound and smell.


Pale Heads are tremendously durable compared to regular zombies, owed primarily to their regenerative capabilities. They have a greatly accelerated metabolism and are capable of rapidly healing from gunshot wounds. As a side effect of their accelerated metabolism, Pale Heads give off high levels of heat and are usually surrounded by a faint cloud of steam.

As well as their healing factor, Pale Heads are also faster than standard zombies. They walk with greater speed, though still lack coordination.


While a Pale Head can be killed with regular firearms, their regenerative ability means they can withstand a far higher amount of punishment before they succumb. High-powered 9mm ammo is effective for stunning the creatures for a time as it causes a higher level of damage for the Pale Head to regenerate, but eventually they will get up again to continue attacking.

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