Operation: Javier is an event that takes place in the Resident Evil video game series. In the year 2002, United States special agents Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser were dispatched into a region of South America to apprehend notorious drug lord Javier Hidalgo.

Javier's criminal cabal, the Sacred Snakes, had acquired viral samples that had been distributed on the black market and were using them to experiment on innocent people within the region. The entire village of Mixcoatl is contaminated with the T-virus, turning the locals into zombies.

Manuela Hidalgo escapes from Javier's mansion, and is found by Kennedy and Krauser in a church outside the village. She agrees into helping them find Javier. The trio later come across a dam and find Javier. After Leon and Krauser are swept away by a surging water current, they meet up with Manuela again and she reveals that she carries the T-Veronica virus. Leon and Krauser later infiltrate Javier's mansion and come across Hilda Hidalgo, who was Manuela's mother that had been infected and turned into a monster. She is killed by Leon and Krauser, but manages to infect Krauser with the T-veronica virus and Krauser is badly injured. Javier fuses with the T-veronica plant in the greenhouse and later becomes a dinosaur-like monster known as the V-Complex . When he attempts to kill Leon, Manuela reveals her powers with the Veronica virus and uses her blood to burn the mutated Javier. Eventually, the three manage to finally defeat Javier. Leon is able to save Manuela from losing too much blood and the three escape on a helicopter. Unbeknownst to the weary group, Albert Wesker has been watching over the battle and observes Krauser's abilities. He determines that he may be useful in the future.

Following the operation, Krauser is discharged from the military due to his injured arm. Some time later, he fakes his own death in order to disappear and he is recruited by Wesker.


Below is a list of various mutations and B.O.W.s encountered by Leon and Krauser during the event.

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