The One-Eyed Centaur, or The Guardian of Evil, was a creature which appeared in the 1973 mythological-fantasy film The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.


A creature of great evil who demanded sacrifices from the primitive tribespeople which worshiped it, the One-Eyed Centaur stood nearly twice the height of a full-grown man. It was powerfully built and, as its name might suggest, had the form of a centaur with the body of a thickly-furred horse and heavy hooves. However, instead of the two eyes associated with most centaurs, this creature had only one, in the manner of the mythical Cyclops. When engaged in battle with the Griffin, it utilised a long wooden club as a weapon.


Whilst questing for the Fountain of Destiny on the lost continent of Lemuria, a group of natives who worshiped the One-Eyed Centaur as a god captured one of Sinbad’s party, a woman by the name of Margiana. Seeing the unusual tattoo on her hand, the tribesmen decided to sacrifice Margiana to the Centaur, and took her to the Cave housing both the Centaur and the Fountain.


Calling upon their god, the Centaur appeared, but before he could consume his victim, the Fountain’s Guardian of Good, a Griffin, appeared and battled the Centaur. The Centaur eventually killed the Griffin with the aid of the evil sorcerer Koura, but was then slain itself by Sinbad who rescued the young woman and finally completed his quest.


  • The One-Eyed Centaur was animated by stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen.
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