Dnd ogre

Ogres are a brutish race of humanoids that appear in Dungeons & Dragons. These creatures stand among the giant-kin, humanoids distantly related to true giants. Typically standing at around 10 feet tall and weighing in at 650 pounds, ogres easily fit the description of "all muscle and no brains". They are ferocious and barbaric, but not particularly smart. Thriving on violence, they often hire themselves out as mercenaries in order to satisfy their thirst for battle and blood.

When lead by someone or something smarter than themselves, they can be formidable shock troopers. Due to their immense size, they can be given such weaponry as bolt launchers and battering rams, which would normally require many human-sized creatures to operate. Sometimes they can be seen even acting as a living weapon platform, carrying a howdah that houses goblins with ranged weaponry.


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