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Ogres are a classic type of monster popular in folklore and fairy tales. Generally accepted as evil creatures, they are most often described as being large, bulbous humanoids of hideous appearance and worse smell. Though sentient, ogres are not particularly bright, though they are ferocious and cruel. In many literary works, they are described as hateful monsters that bully those weaker than themselves. They are widely believed to eat human children.

Ogres were also considered in many tales to be cannibalistic creatures, in fact the myth of the ogre is believed by some researchers to have been at least partially inspired by the fears of cannibalism.

The name "ogre" still lives on in popular usage as a violent, unpleasant individual and despite modern depictions of ogres tending to keep them mid-sized humanoids, earlier tales often had ogres many hundreds of feet tall, making them a type of man-eating Giant (this is still what some fairy tales use in place of a traditional Giant, most notably in tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, where the "Giant" can sometimes be replaced with an "Ogre").

Ogres share a number of characteristics with trolls and orcs, and so there is often much confusion in telling their species apart.

List of Ogres

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