The Nuckelavee is a creature from Orcadian folklore and the most feared of elves.


The Nuckelavee is quite gruesome. Somewhat resembling a centaur the Nuckelavee sports a thin body protruding from the middle of an equine torso. It has a large round head that lolls on a thin neck, and it's empty eye sockets are filled with flames. It's mouth is wide and gaping with a long black tongue and a forest of sharp teeth to complement the talons on its hands. The Nuckelavee has no skin or hair. Black blood pulses in its yellow veins, which can be seen in the exposed muscles. It is said that the creature's breath could kill plants and sicken livestock.


Primarily a sea creature responsible for dragging the unwary to a watery death, the Nuckelavee was also responsible for crop failure and drought on the islands. In addition, the Nuckelavee was often used by the residents of the Orkney Islands as a cautionary "bogeyman" to keep children from being careless and drowning in the sea.