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The Nightwalker is a type of Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy encounter these creatures in the Land of Dragons.


Nightwalkers are a form of undead Heartless that are born from fallen warriors. During Sora's adventure in the Land of Dragons, a group of soldiers under Li Shang's command collapse from fatigue after limping back to the Imperial City following a battle.

A Nightwalker is humanoid with dark blue skin, a jagged mouth and yellow dots for eyes. They are dressed in traditional Chinese burial robes and wear hats with pieces of yellow parchment stuck to them. The Heartless emblem is printed on the parchment.


Nightwalkers move by floating around through the air with their arms outstretched. They attack by swiping at their prey with their claws and by performing spinning attacks for multiple hits. They may also cast balls of blue flame at distant targets.


  • The Nightwalker's design is based on a Jiang-Shi, a type of vampire originating from Chinese legend. These creatures were typically dressed in traditional robes and could only move by hopping around. Methods of destroying them varied, but included using magical charms on pieces of parchment that were stuck to the Jiang-Shi's head to banish the evil spirit possessing the body.
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