Nidoran is the first Pokémon to be discovered where the genders of the species can be clearly told apart by physical appearance. The male Nidoran has longer ears and barbs than its female counterpart and is covered with purple fur with dark spots.

Pokédex Data

Nidoran is a Poison-type Pokémon that can be found in grassy plains and savannas. It has several toxic spines and a pointed horn on its forehead. The poison secreted by the spines and horn is extremely potent, and even a scratch from its horn or a drop of poison from its barbs can be deadly. The male Nidoran is more aggressive than the female and its ears will prick up when it detects danger. If threatened, it will extend the thorns on its body and jab approaching Pokémon or humans with its toxic horn.


The following is a list of moves and abilities commonly used by Nidoran.

  • Poison Jab - Nidoran jabs foes with its horn, inflicting poison.
  • Horn Attack - Nidoran aggressively thrusts at its opponent using its horn.
  • Toxic Spikes - Nidoran sheds its venomous barbs all over the ground, putting crossing Pokémon at risk of treading on them and being poisoned.
  • Double Kick - Nidoran kicks twice with its hind legs.


The male Nidoran evolves into Nidorino at Level 16.