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The Nemesis T-Type is an enhanced Tyrant-class B.O.W. from the Resident Evil games, appearing most prominently in the 1999 game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and its 2020 remake. It was created by the Umbrella Corporation as the result of an experiment to enhance Tyrant intelligence so that they could understand more complex orders and even be able to wield weaponry. The experiment was successful, though only a single Nemesis model was produced. It is the most advanced bio-weapon Umbrella has created and is virtually unstoppable.

History (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)


Developed at Umbrella Europe's Sixth Laboratory, the Nemesis was intended to prove that it was possible for T-virus infected creatures to retain most of their intelligence. A specifically engineered parasitic organism called an NE-α parasite was introduced into the body of a typical 103 series Tyrant, which would infest the host's brain stem and function as a secondary brain to replace the original that had been rendered useless after the initial Tyrant engineering process. The parasite would cause further mutation of the subject's body, resulting in increased muscle mass and the growth of tentacle-like appendages in its body.


Umbrella deployed the Nemesis in September 1998, in the American mid-western town of Raccoon City that was currently suffering a T-virus outbreak caused by an incident in Umbrella's underground research facility. The creature's mission was to find and kill all surviving members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.), who had witnessed Umbrella's illegal genetic research and now posed a threat to the company. Programmed with information on the S.T.A.R.S.'s identities and equipped with heavy weaponry, the Nemesis was air-dropped into the dying city and began seeking its quarry. It encountered Brad Vickers and Jill Valentine - the last two S.T.A.R.S. in the city - outside the Raccoon Police Department. It killed Brad by impaling him in the face with its tentacle and then proceeded to hunt Jill. Jill would elude the Nemesis temporarily but the creature would always manage to track her down.

During an encounter at the Michael Bell clock tower, a rescue chopper flew in to retrieve Jill and fellow survivor, UBCS grunt Carlos Oliveira. Recognizing that its target would be able to escape, Nemesis wielded a rocket launcher and used it to shoot down the chopper, stopping Jill from escaping. It then attacked her and managed to injure her with its tentacle, infecting her with the T-virus in the process. Carlos managed to inflict heavy damage on the creature by shooting its rocket launcher, causing it to explode. The damaged Nemesis retreated in order to repair itself. It reappeared days later, after Jill had been cured thanks to a T-virus vaccine Carlos had acquired from Raccoon General Hospital. It cornered Jill inside Umbrella's abandoned Dead Factory facility, where failed experiments and waste materials were sent for destruction. By then, Nemesis had lost its limiter coat and had undergone a slight mutation. It fought Jill inside the waste disposal facility but was seemingly destroyed after having acid sprayed over it and having its head blown off by Magnum fire.


This was not the end for it yet, however. As Jill and Carlos passed through a weapon testing area inside the factory, the Nemesis crawled in after them. It had mutated into a horrific mass of boiled flesh with a maw filled with spiked teeth and grew to three times its original size. It progressed toward its target slowly, its shear mass slowing it down, and spewed acidic toxins from its tentacles. Jill was finally able to destroy the Nemesis by activating a large rail gun weapon inside the room, and with it, blew the Nemesis into bloody scraps.

History (Resident Evil 3 remake)

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During the T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella deployed the Nemesis to hunt down and kill the surviving members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. Umbrella knew the addresses of Brad Vickers and Jill Valentine, and so the Nemesis began its hunt by invading the homes of its targets. Brad had fled his home and apparently bore witness to Nemesis' rampage as he was able to phone Jill and warn her that the monster was coming, though the Nemesis had arrived at Jill's apartment in the midst of that call.

Jill barely managed to escape her apartment complex, but the Nemesis continued to pursue her relentlessly. Finding her on a rooftop parking lot, it advanced on her, but Jill was able to break into a nearby car and recklessly rammed it into the creature and pushed it off the roof. Miraculously, Jill survived this escapade and shortly after she met Carlos Oliveira of the U.B.C.S.. The pair then fled the scene and headed for the subway station where Carlos' platoon were rallying survivors of the outbreak.

As Jill searched the city for resources needed to get the subway train working again, the Nemesis continued to hound her, ambushing her as she fought her way through zombie-infested streets. The Pursuer even used the zombies to its advantage, using its tentacle to parasitize them with NE-α's, increasing their lethality. Jill would overcome these obstacles, but the monster had other means to continue harrassing her, such as using heavy weaponry. Jill would eventually return to the subway and get the train moving again, but the Nemesis managed to board the train as it departed. It slaughtered all of the survivors that the U.B.C.S. troops had saved before advancing on Jill once again. Nicholai Ginovaef, one of the surviving U.B.C.S. members, retreated towards the front car, locking the doors behind him and leaving Jill and Mikhail Viktor to the Nemesis. Mikhail used an explosive device to try and stop the Nemesis, sacrificing his own life. While the Nemesis survived the explosion, Jill survived the train's derailment and managed to continue her way to the St. Michael's Clock Tower on foot.

The Nemesis took severe damage during the train assault and Jill later witnessed the creature emerging from the subway tunnel whilst on fire, throwing itself into the river. Jill assumed the creature could not swim, but the bioweapon's limiter implant had been destroyed, resulting in it mutating and transforming into a more bestial, quadrupedal form. The monster burst out of the water and attacked Jill again as she ran towards the clock tower. Hunter and prey then fought each other once more in the courtyard outside the building, with Jill seemingly emerging victorious after a lengthy battle. However, the Nemesis recovered as Jill walked away and gave chase yet again. Jill ran through an archway and the creature followed, grabbing her with its left foreleg. Jill then shot out the chain supporting the portcullis above the archway, causing the heavy metal gate to come down and sever the Nemesis' limb. As Jill freed herself from under the severed arm, the monster grew a large tentacle from its stump. The tentacle shot a bone dart into Jill's shoulder, poisoning her and infecting her with the T-virus. The monster then fled to recuperate from its injuries.

The Nemesis' mission was not yet over, however. Almost 40 hours after its previous encounter with Jill, it would find her again, alive and well, within Umbrella's NEST 2 laboratory. It chased her into a huge waste disposal area and the two fought once again, with the treacherous Nikolai watching over the battle recording the combat data. With assistance from Carlos, Jill was able to bring Nemesis down yet again by shooting out the fuse boxes on each of the acid vats surrounding the disposal chamber, electrocuting the monster and then shooting the parasitic organ that dangled out of its torso while it was stunned. To ensure the Nemesis didn't recover, Carlos activated the vats and released gallons of acid into the chamber. While Jill climbed out via a service ladder, the Nemesis was left to be melted down into sludge.

Incredibly, the Nemesis continued to mutate even as its body was being dissolved. The monster's metabolism outpaced the acid and reformed its body as an amorphous mass of malignant, diseased flesh. The creature smashed its way through the wall of the disposal chamber and poured its way into a weapons testing chamber where it fought Jill for the last time. Using an experimental railgun housed in the chamber, Jill was finally able to destroy the Nemesis once and for all by stuffing the gun's barrel into the monster's mouth and firing, obliterating most of its body and even punching a steaming, molten hole through the wall behind it.



While not as intelligent as a normal human, the Nemesis is capable of analyzing a situation and determining the best course of action. It has a greater sense of self-preservation than other B.O.W.'s and knows when it needs to retreat. It can analyze its enemies' actions and thus prioritize its targets. It recognized its assigned targets due to being shown photographs prior to deployment and may possess a photographic memory. The Nemesis also has a limited capacity for speech (due both to its programmed state and lack of lips), though the only word it ever speaks is "Stars", in reference to its assigned targets, the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S..

Physical Attributes

Nemesis is capable of great feats of strength, such as charging through walls or throwing vehicles. Its enhanced muscle tissue can absorb most impacts, allowing it to shrug off gunfire easily. The coat it wears is also bulletproof and provides extra protection, as well as limiting its power and preventing it from mutating out of control.

Nemesis can use its parasitic tentacles to choke, whip or even impale enemies. Because the T-virus runs through its body, being wounded by its tentacle can result in infection and eventual zombification.

Nemesis can heal rapidly; gunshot wounds will close almost immediately. More serious injuries will take longer to heal.


Without its power limiter, Nemesis will mutate and transform into more monstrous, powerful forms. Its different forms are described in the following list.

  • Phase 1 - Nemesis' primary form is humanoid, though it appears severely deformed. In most Resident Evil titles, Nemesis appears to have mottled skin, a single blank eye, a large surgical scar over the right side of its face, and a lipless mouth showing off dark red gums and square teeth. A tentacle can be seen coiling through the flesh around its collar. It wears a black leather coat and is capable of using a number of heavy weapons in combat.
    • In the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3, Nemesis has undergone a significant redesign. Its coat appears to be made up of multiple wrappings of black plastic held together with strips of caution tape. A large metallic device, presumably its power limiter, is clearly visible on its chest. When first seen in the game, Nemesis' head is covered in plastic wrappings save for a single eyehole. This mask is burned off early on, revealing that the skin on its head appears molten and stretched. The skin has completely covered its right eye socket, it has a surgical scar on its forehead, a misshapen nose and the flesh around its mouth appears to have been pulled away rather than cut surgically. Its teeth appear unnaturally long and flat.
  • Phase 2 - In the original RE3, Nemesis' limiter coat is destroyed following its battle against Jill and Carlos outside the St. Michael Clock Tower. Without its limiter, it undergoes a minor mutation: its skin changes tone and it grows more parasitic tentacles from its right arm. In this state, Nemesis no longer uses weapons and relies solely on its physical abilities, running after its prey and attempting to beat them to death or skewer them with its tentacles.
    • In the 2020 remake, Nemesis undergoes a tremendous change in its second form. After losing its limiter following a train crash, it transforms into a huge quadrupedal form, losing any resemblance to its former humanity. Its head appears almost worm-like, though it maintains the lipless mouth and flat teeth of its previous form. Its limbs are long and powerful, possessing fin-like formations on the shoulders and calves, and its back is covered in spiked bone plates. In this form, Nemesis remains fixated on hunting down Jill, using its new form to sprint at great speeds and its increased strength to barrel through most obstructions. It uses its clawed digits to swipe at prey and also to cling to vertical surfaces. Following its second battle with Jill, Nemesis loses its left foreleg, but quickly regenerates a large tentacle in its place. It later uses this tentacle to bind, whip, crush and even impale its prey.
  • Phase 3 - In the original RE3, Nemesis continues to endure even after having its head severed. It continues to mutate and follows Jill Valentine into a weapons testing area in the Dead Factory where it consumes the corpse of a fallen Tyrant. It then transforms into a hulking beast that no longer looks remotely human, developing a spike-filled maw where its head once was. It also grows additional tentacles across its body and develops large swellings filled with corrosive pus. By this point, Nemesis is unable to run and can only crawl, but remains as relentless as ever. It closes in on Jill, spewing acid from its tentacles as it drags itself closer. Shooting its pustules would slow it down, but Jill was only able to finally destroy the monster by blasting it with a large stationary railgun inside the room.
    • In the 2020 remake, Nemesis is almost melted down with acid after its third defeat, but the slow destruction of its body causes it to transform yet again. Its mutation occurs rapidly to outpace the acid's effect, the end result being Nemesis' head and torso are attached to a gargantuan mass of amorphous flesh covered in boiling sores. Nemesis still possesses arms, but they are absurdly long and grossly malformed. After oozing its way into NEST 2's weapon testing bay, Nemesis anchors itself in place with a series of tendrils, becoming immobile. It continues to attack Jill by attempting to crush her with its arms and spitting acid from its sores. In the end, Jill finally destroys the monsters after blasting it multiple times with a prototype railgun.


In its humanoid form, the Nemesis can make use of various tools and weapons. Its arsenal consists of heavy weapons that cannot be wielded by normal humans.

  • Bulletproof Coat - In most appearances, the Nemesis wears a black coat that is lined with bulletproof material, granting additional protection from firearms.
  • Power Limiter - A cybernetic device that regulates the T-virus in the creature's body, preventing it from mutating out of control. In most of Nemesis' appearances, the limiter is not visible and is concealed beneath its coat. In the 2020 remake of RE3, the limiter appears as a large metallic device anchored to the creature's chest.
  • Rocket Launcher - A heavy weapon that the Nemesis makes use of in all of its appearances. With this, the creature can target and destroy distant enemies and even destroy armoured vehicles.
  • Gatling Gun - Nemesis is only shown using this weapon in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This allows Nemesis to swiftly dispatch multiple enemies at once by spraying bullets over a large area.
  • Flamethrower - Nemesis uses this weapon during its first boss fight in the Resident Evil 3 remake. With it, the monster can spew jets of flame directly ahead of it or launch fireballs up into the air which come down to saturate the battlefield with flames. The large fuel tank on the Nemesis' back is durable, but can be ruptured by repeated gunfire. Even after the fuel tank explodes, the Nemesis continues to use the flamethrower as a melee weapon.
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