Narcisse was a character from Clive Barker's 1988 novel Cabal it's 1990 movie adaptation Nightbreed, and it's associated media.


Narcisse was at first a regular human (albeit a suspected murderer), who later on, in his insanity, cut all of the hair and skin from his head except for that surrounding his face. He sported a pair of steel rings on his thumbs which were equipped with razor-sharp blades.


After meeting Aaron Boone in a psychiatric hospital and becoming convinced that Boone had been sent to take him to Midian, Narcisse mutilated himself and was then murdered by Doctor Decker.

Animating by unknown means as one of the Nightbreed, Narcisse then made his way to Midian and found a home amongst the Tribes of the Moon. Narcisse was there to welcome Boone in his initiation into the Nightbreed.

Later, after helping to free his by-now incarcerated friend Boone (who had become known as Cabal after joining the Tribes) from the local police station, Narcisse made it back to Midian in time to participate in the defence of the city from the psychotic Sons of the Free, where he was decapitated and killed by the psychotic Doctor Decker.

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