The Naga, sometimes referred to as the Snake Woman, Serpent Woman or Cobra Woman amongst fans, is a creature which appears in the 1958 mythological-fantasy movie The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.


One of Princess Parisa’s beautiful handmaidens, the evil sorcerer Sokurah used her to demonstrate his magical abilities to the court of the Caliph of Baghdad. Persuading the handmaiden to climb inside a great urn, he then tossed in a live cobra, along with a compound which smoked like the embers of a dying fire, an act which made everyone present think that he was murdering her. However, when Sokurah cracked open the urn using a large axe, the young woman emerged, but changed beyond all recognition.

She sprang forth appearing as something akin to a mermaid, but with the serpentine lower body of an enormous snake, rather than that of a fish. Her upper body was similar to that of a human female’s, but was a striking blue


in colour and had grown an additional pair of arms, each of which appeared to be devoid of any human-like bone structure, as she could twist and weave them in ways which no child naturally born could possibly achieve.

For a time, the creature danced for the court, enrapturing them with its hypnotic rhythms, before Sokurah cast another alchemical substance upon it, causing the Naga to revert back to its human form, apparently none the worse for wear aside from a slight delirium presumably caused by her unnatural transformations.

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