A magic mummy that's come to life

mummy is a human or animal corpse that has been preserved through embalming and buried in a careful and respectful manner. The practice of intentional mummification began in ancient Egypt and was performed to honour deceased Pharaohs and their servants.

Mummies have often been used in horror fiction, depicted as undead creatures seeking revenge against those who defiled their tombs. They have also been used in other forms of media such as comic books and video games.

Powers and Abilities

Mummies have often been described as wielding supernatural powers. The exact nature of these powers varies between mediums, but such abilities include immunity to all forms of attack and draining the life force of mortals, to more outlandish and over-the-top feats such as control over the weather or swarms of insects.


Like with their powers, mummy weaknesses also vary between different mediums. Some examples state that mummies are brought to life by magical spells or curses upon their tombs. For example, if a treasure was stolen from a mummy's tomb, then the mummy may be put to rest again only after it has retrieved its treasure and/or has punished the thief. Other more conventional weaknesses include vulnerability to fire or cold.