Ssssssss . . .
- Creeper.

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Mooshrooms are a species of unusual non-hostile mobs which appear in Mojang’s Minecraft franchise.


Resembling the cows also found in Minecraft, Mooshrooms are instead red in appearance with white patches. Their most distinguishing feature is the clump of mushrooms which sprout from the backs of adults, and from which the creature takes it’s name, Mooshroom being a pun on the word mushroom combined with the sound traditionally associated with cows, “moo.”


Mooshrooms are harmless animals which amble around the landscape without direction, but can be led by a player who is holding a sheaf or wheat in his or her hand. The will only spawn in mushroom field biomes, and can be bred in the same way as cows, by feeding two adult Mooshrooms a sheaf of wheat each.


Mooshrooms can be sheared in a similar manner to sheep, but rather than dropping wool, they will instead drop a number of red mushrooms, but doing so will turn the Mooshroom into a regular cow; the mushrooms will not grow back. When killed, a Mooshroom has the chance to drop both raw beef and leather, just like a cow.

In addition, Mooshrooms can be “milked” using a wooden bowl, but doing so will gift the player with mushroom stew instead of milk.

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