Monster Wiki

The Monster Wiki was created by Dinomino21 on the 17th of April 2009. The next day, Armageddon11 signed up to help expand the articles and create new ones.

Then, on Saturday the 26th of April, 1stclasswarrior joined and from his first day of work, has created over 15 articles to date. He continues to work very hard. In his stead, that same day, BlueLionheart helped 1st by adding refinement to pages and correcting grammar etc.

Some time later, RLLB joined up to help 1st (Whom he was a friend of at school). All users worked very hard for the next few days. When the 30th of April came, A11 was promoted to Admin, 1st was also supposed to be promoted, but Dinomino21 had to go to bed and did not return for a few days....

On the 1st of May, the hard-working ILHI singed up to help out. That same day, 1st created the new logo that you now see above the searchbar.