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Moira Karp was the spirit of an enigmatic, troubled, antisocial, self-destructive, misanthropic, nihilistic, cruel, ruthless, dangerous, somewhat aggressive and socially stunted, and very emotional girl who appeared in the 2015 low-budget horror film Some Kind of Hate.


Appearing as a pretty girl somewhere in her late teens, Moira dressed in ragged clothing and wore a chain from which dangled razor blades about her neck. She was frequently seen covered in blood spatter, even when not involved in killing. Moira was able to supernaturally tie her victims to her own body in such a way that whenever she harmed herself, the victim would suffer the consequences instead. She stated that she would never stop killing until the screaming stopped, although given the film's conclusion, this may have meant when there were no more bullies to take vengeance on, rather than when there was nobody left to kill.


When troubled, brooding, solemn, pensive, antisocial, self-destructive, somewhat socially stunted, and extremely reserved teen Lincoln was sent to a rehabilitation boot camp in the desert for stabbing a boy who had been mercilessly bullying him, he once again found himself being mercilessly bullied. After one particularly harsh encounter, he retreated to the facility's basement, where he accidentally summoned the spirit of Moira with the words "I wish they were all dead." This also seemed to tie her ghost to him in some way.

After the other kids began to die in ways that appeared to be suicide, Lincoln eventually figured out what he had done, and tried to put a stop to the killings by telling Moira that he no longer needed her. This may have worked, but unfortunately, another girl named Kaitlin had invoked Moira after learning of her existence from Lincoln, and so the murders continued.

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Eventually, one of the camp counselors, a woman named Christine, revealed that Moira had been the victim of bullying herself, tortured to death by a group of bullies which included two of the counselors themselves. When Christine confronted Moira with a handgun, the shot she fired at her blew out Christine's brains instead.

Realizing that Moira's powers would necessitate a change in tack and willing to do anything to stop her, Lincoln, along with the troubled, tough, take-no-prisoners, antisocial, self-destructive, headstrong, spirited, somewhat aggressive, and very emotional Kaitlin, ventured back into the basement, the scene of Moira's cruel demise. There, he covered himself in gasoline before before setting himself alight, the link between him and Moira causing her to burn as well. Kaitlin believed this to be the end of Moira Karp and her murderous spree.

However, at the very end of the film another victim of bullying was seen huddled in a bathroom stall, wishing death upon her tormentors. As she did so, a single drop of blood fell to the floor, heralding Moira's return once again.