Evil Miss Montgomery

Miss Montgomery before and after.

Miss Montgomery was a character who appeared in the 1981 film, Full Moon High.


Miss Montgomery was a teacher at Full Moon High in the present day, and encounters Tony Walker, who has been carrying the Werewolf curse for over two decades, but easily posed as a student at his old alma mater because part of his curse is eternal youth.

Other than her teaching duties, however, Miss Montgomery is an amoral lecturer who habitually sleeps with her students, and her dubious persona was revealed later in the film when she is shown in her bedroom engaging in a sexual act with one of her students, who later runs off. Miss Montgomery berates her young lover for running off, right before she is viciously attacked by Tony, who crept into her home and up to her room whilst in his Werewolf form.

At the end of the film, Miss Montgomery transformed into a Werewolf under the full moon. Her appearance included fangs and a large white mane, and she growled at Tony after he found her in the woods. Miss Montgomery howled at the moon, as did Tony, and the ending revealed that they got married and had a family of Werewolf children.

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