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The Minoton was a being which appeared in the 1977 fantasy movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.


Animated by the dark magic of an evil sorceress, the Minoton was a huge construct crafted from bronze. Towering over normal humans, it had the body of a heavily muscled man surmounted by the head of a great horned bull. Sculpted on to its form were Egyptian-style armour and a medallion, which was actually the chamber for its magical heart, and it's weapon of preference was a long bronze spear.


Whilst ferrying his creator Zenobia and her son to the distant continent of Hyperborea and the Shrine of Arimaspi, the group encountered three spies disguised as fishermen. The Minoton rowed their boat into the fishermen's craft, killing two of them outright, then stabbing the other with his spear.

Later, when they reached their destination, the three attempted to access the sacred shrine. Unable to find a doorway, Zenobia instructed the Minoton to remove a block of stone from the wall to create a portal. The Minoton was able to lever the stone free, but this caused several other blocks to collapse, landing on the beast and ending its existence.

Later, a friendly troglodyte used the Minoton's spear to battle the Smilodon.

Powers and Abilities

Enormous Strength

The Minoton displayed a level of strength far beyond that of a normal human. It could effortlessly row a boat which normally required six oarsmen, lifted a human impaled on its spear with ease, and was able to move a stone block weighing several tons.


As it was crafted from bronze, it can be inferred that the Minoton possessed a high level of fortitude, although it was not invulnerable as shown when a stone block crushed the life from it.

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