Minilla, also known as Son of Godzilla, or Minya or Milla in American dubbings of his movies, is a creature which appears in several of Toho Company’s Godzilla films and their associated media.


Much smaller than most of the kaiju which appear in the Toho franchise, Minilla is a chubby, almost childlike, bipedal creature, grey in colour with a long tail and large eyes. In comparison to many of the other kaiju, he is an amiable creature who seems willing to make friends with the humans he encounters.


Minilla emerged from an egg on Solgell Island which had been cracked open by a group of Kamacuras who seemed intent on devouring the poor creature. Fortunately for Minilla, Godzilla promptly arrived on-scene and killed the Kamacuras, before taking the infant Minilla under his wing, and adopting him as his “son.” Later the pair fought and defeated the spider-kaiju Kumonga, sealing their bond of friendship.

In 1999, Minilla was part of the alliance of Earth monsters which fought and defeated the alien invasion of Earth led by King Ghidorah before returning to his home on Monsterland with his father.

Minilla appeared in the movie All Monsters Attack, although only in a dream sequence where he befriends a young boy and teaches him to stand up to bullies.


Powers and Abilities

Size Alteration: In several of Minilla’s appearances he displays the ability to either grow or shrink in size, although the full extent of these powers remain unknown.

Atomic Breath: Minilla is capable of exhaling atomic “smoke rings” which have the ability to constrict and hamper the movements of his opponents, but on at least one occasion he has demonstrated the power to fire a fully-fledged Atomic Blast from his mouth, much like Godzilla.

Psychic Connection: Minilla is able to project a psychic brainwave to his father, and usually does this to let Godzilla know when he is in trouble.

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